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Here you can find my projects, information about me, how to contact me, and possibly other things as I grow as a developer.

Max Bridgland

Max Bridgland

Boston MA

QA Automation Engineer, iOS Developer, and lover of all things Python.

About Me

I'm a software developer with an interest in just about anything. I'm constantly making new projects and ventures to fuel my craving for creativity and innovation. Currently I'm working at a startup out of Boston called Reggora. We have the goal of automating the appraisal process for lenders and appraisers in the market. I started there in Februrary of 2019 and I am loving it so far. I have worked for hours getting us setup with a cleaner code base, writing and running tests, manually trying to break just about everything, and more.

I started programming because I wanted to make tweaks for my jailbroken iPhone. The community at the time was full of new developers which I think helped me get a move along since everybody was willing to help each other. Now adays I'm still pretty active in the jailbreak community but not nearly as much as I was a few years ago. I still run a private repository and develop tweaks/themes for jailbroken iDevices. You can find my work on multiple repositories including OpenDebs, SecuraRepo, Auxilium, and Packix. I don't plan on making a big come back or getting too deep into developing tweaks but I will always love and stay interested in the jailbreaking scene.

Python is my language of choice when it comes to programming but I have skills in multiple other languages/environments. At work I am constantly working with JavaScript, React, and Python. While at home I often work with Python, Objective-C, Swift, JavaScript, Ruby, and Perl. I have experience not only as a software developer but as a penetration tester and security professional. For years I have always been fascinated by the cyber-security field and took it upon myself to get into the community and the culture. From this BabySploit, DarkSpiritz, and a few other hacking projects were born which I had worked on a lot until I got my job.

Below you can see my projects that I'm proudest of, my acheivements and skills, and my links to social media and what not.


Started My Career

QA Automation Engineer at Reggora at the age of 18. I am responsible for writing tests and finding bugs on our platform.

Feb 2019

BabySploit Featured

My project BabySploit was featured on countless blogs, such as TheHackerNews and KitPloit.

Nov 2018


I have written countless projects in python at this point and I feel like I'm at a stage in my python career that I have it down. I can do basically anything with it so long as there is some documentation for me to follow. I have created multiple backends and REST APIs in it, worked with databases, scientific mathematics, and much more. I am currently diving into the world of AI and Machine Learning as I feel that's where a lot of cool stuff is going to be emerging from in the next 10 years.

iOS Development

I have written quite a few tweaks and ran a few development teams for iOS tweaks. They were all pretty successful and I learned a lot from the others involved but personally I think I work on side projects better alone most of the time.


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